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Our mission is to create an Earth System where any form of life can feel like having their own place and can connect to each other in a more joyful and colorful way.

It’s a micro cosmos that consists of millions of invisible microorganisms based on the universe laws, such as the abundant soil with which we can grow and harvest plenty of vegetables and fruits. It’s not just true of the natural world but of the human society or our business world. Not only by focusing on the achievement but by making healthy and abundant this invisible soil, or the relationship system in organizations, we contribute to the happiness of our society.

In order to make this happen, we keep on training and developing more and more systems coaches, who are the game changers to create such micro cosmos in our society and embody its essence.

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Several years have passed since “the second wave of organization development” with "work style reform" and "diversity and inclusion" being loudly proclaimed in society.

However, in spite of the lofty ambitions of top management, these voices is not being conveyed and the frontline is exhausted by the task of achieving immediate result.

While middle management strives to bridge this gap, they are also being asked to deliver results themselves, leaving them with little energy to devote to essential issues that should be focused on. This leads to a stagnation of the energy within teams and organizations, preventing the desired results from being obtained. This situation continues to play out within many organizations in Japan. Of course, it goes without saying that everyone is doing their best in this uncertain and complex socio-economic environment. So where is the key to solve this challenge?
According to Dr. Daniel Kim’s “A Core Theory of Success”, the key to improve the quality of results is “relationships” of an organization. In order to reap the fruit of success, the soil of rich “relationships” is necessary.

In terms of approaches to nurturing this soil, systems coaching could be considered the “natural farming” of organizational development. Systems Coaching (ORSC), which aims to consciously and intentionally create Right Relationships for teams and organizations through dialogue, requires a certain amount of time and effort. However, these efforts will bear fruit and the organization itself grows stronger as a result. We, CRR Global Japan, have witnessed such growth of teams and organizations through systems coaching.

What type of team or organization do you want to develop? What kind of fruit are you willing to obtain in future? If you are interested in sustainable, healthy growth and the happiness of the people you work with, CRR Global Japan believes that systems coaching can help you to achieve this. We look forward to meeting you on site, or welcoming you to one of our systems coaching training sessions.

CRR Global, Inc. (formerly known as The Center for Right Relationship) was founded by Marita Fridjhon MSW, CPCC, PCC and Faith Fuller PhD, CPCC, PCC, the developers of ORSC, and is currently based in Benicia, California, USA.

They have worked directly with teams, organizations and families for many years, training in various methods, editing their approach to work with relationships as a system, systematizing ORSC (Systems Coaching), and working with community groups, couples and families, corporations and organizations in the United States and abroad for over 20 years.

Their activities based on the belief that “Relationships should be designed consciously and intentionally rather than let it happen by chance”, are envisioning together the better relationships and guide people to live towards that vision.

They clearly say that, in an organization, it is possible to design the relationships with their clients creatively only when team leaders and individual members have the relationships which support each other and produce results at the same time.

Their mission is to support creating powerful, joyous, conscious and intentional relationships all over the world.

  • Marita Fridjhon

    MSW, ORSC Certified, PCC, CPCC
    Co-Founder, CEO

  • Faith Fuller

    PhD, ORSC Certified, CPCC
    Co-Founder, President

CRR Global currently operates the ORSC Program as an international Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program in more than 30 countries around the world, including the United States of America, Canada, France, Spain, South Africa, Singapore and China. CRR Global Japan works in collaboration with CRR Global to maintain and provides the world-class standards of the ORSC Program. Japan and France are the only non-English speaking countries where they offer these programs in their native languages.

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    CRR Global Japan Ltd.

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    We Work Kojimachi, 5F 6-6-2 Kojimachi,
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan

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    January 24th, 2019

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