Our faculty members have a wealth of experience in coaching and training, and represent a diverse range of backgrounds and approaches.
In addition to being certified as professional Organization & Relationship Systems Certified Coaches (ORSCC) by CRR Global, they undergo continuous faculty training provided by CRR in order to continue to provide the highest standard of Systems Coaching.

Fundamentals of ORSC and ORSC Series courses are taught by two workshop leaders.
Certification Program courses are run by a course leader, with individual and group mentoring from several supervisors to support students’ learning.

The qualifications that appear in the Faculty profile are as follows.

CRR Global-certified Organization & Relationship Systems Certified Coach
ICF-certified Master Certified Coach
ICF-certified Professional Certified Coach
CTI-certified Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
LC-certified Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner


    Eijiro was born in New York, grew up in South Carolina, and moved to Japan when he was ten. After graduating university, he joined a traditional Japanese trading/investment company and led several real estate projects. He switched careers within the company and was in charge of creating their training and development program as well as their global leadership program. When working in their New York office, he oversaw the Americas region’s HR function, and rolled out “guiding principle” workshops as well as creating leadership programs for the region. He also served as an HRBP for several business departments. He is currently working for a Japanese auto manufacturer in the organizational development field.

    Eijiro lived in the great nature during his life in the United States, and experienced traditional Japanese school life and corporate life in Japan. Growing up in different cultures, Eijiro is pursuing the power and deepness of what different cultures and experiences can bring.

    Eijiro holds a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Kyoto University. He is a Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach, Certified Professional Co-active Coach, and has a Leadership Circle Profile Certification.


    After graduation, worked for two international business consulting firms for about 15 years to experience the limitations of the logical approach, through supporting client companies' business transformation, PMI after M&A transactions, and project management of various types and sizes.

    In 2012, became independent and started to challenge the integration of coaching approach to management consulting, since then, I have been supporting client’s business transformative initiatives by leveraging the systems coaching and executive coaching approach.

    In recent years, sensing the need for a post-COVID19 and VUCA era, have been focusing on helping clients using systems coaching approach to improve the relationships among organizations and people aiming to leverage the power of human connection and diversity in organizations.

    Worked in the United States, Singapore, studied MBA in Paris, France and Shanghai, China and engaged in many global projects including, of which experience invited me to explore how Japanese people could demonstrate leadership in a diversified cultural environment, and how to support my clients who are in those environments.

    Keio University Bachelor of Administration Engineering
    HEC Paris Master of Business Administration (Incl. China Europe International Business School)


    Chiemi Sakurai specializes in [Systems Coaching] which yields results and produces reliable long-term change. Her approach to reforming an organization’s work culture is rooted in the development and support of individual leadership skills, and building strong relationships. She has worked on organization development projects for a diverse array of companies, including global corporations, family businesses, firms active for more than a century, and start-ups.

    Chiemi is a proficient coach who helps organizations & teams to develop relationships and achieve goals in these times of tumultuous change for many businesses and industries. Chiemi is meticulous about both the process of Systems Coaching and the end result.

    As CRR Global’s first faculty member in Japan, Chiemi is responsible for CRR Global’s qualification course, and is our current Front of Room Leader. Prior to joining CRR Global, she was responsible for delivering a CTI Japan qualification course .

    Chiemi founded CRR Global Japan LLC in 2019, and continues to manage the company while at the same time delivering a systems coaching development program for Japanese clients alongside 9 joint representatives. CRR Global Japan has already successfully trained numerous change agents to obtain the ORSC qualification. Chiemi hopes that her development of new change agents who are both equipped with the wisdom imparted from continuous Systems Coaching, and who demonstrate diverse leadership in their workplaces, will create a ripple effect from Japan across all of Asia. She sees the dissemination of Systems Coaching and training services to be the goal of her World Work and is fully committed to making it a reality.


    Born in Tokyo, Fuyuo Sato graduated from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
    While teaching at a private high school, he became fascinated by both the difficulties and enjoyment of communication. He pursued this interest through training such as the Miraijuku Cross-Cultural Awareness Training Course.
    In 2003, he began to learn coaching and went on to take an in-house position as a coach for his colleagues at the school he was working at. Within seven years, he played a role in revitalizing the school’s organization through building up more than 1,200 hours of coaching sessions.

    Since starting to work independently, mainly in the APAC region, he has been engaged in various organizational development projects ranging from huge global companies to small local organizations.

    As a part of his activities to explore the right relationship between nature and human society, he has gained a deeper understanding of nature through participation in various outdoor programs in Japan and abroad, including at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School and at the Tracker School, the largest outdoor and survival schools of its kind in the world. Besides, he’s been supporting non-profit organizations like Seven Generations and Pachamama Alliance for years. Now he’s moved to the forestry area at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains with his family to explore a new way of life together, while adopting “All lives are in relationships” as his family’s motto.


    At her first job out of university, Izumi worked in the Human Resources Department of a toymaker. There she studied coaching and took on her first clients as a corporate internal coach. Since striking out on her own in 2004, Izumi has coached people from all walks of life—executives, homemakers, and Olympians. She also actively conducts corporate training in coaching and leadership.

    Izumi earned her ORSC credential in 2010 and went on to bring systems coaching into companies, NPOs, and local communities, mainly working with manufacturing firms, pharmaceutical companies, and NPOs on reforming organizational culture. Izumi is dedicated to empowering leaders and organizations in their roles as change makers during these turbulent times.

    Izumi draws inspiration from The Work That Reconnects, the ground-breaking framework for personal and social change created by Dr. Johanna Macy, a scholar of Buddhism, systems thinking, and deep ecology (https://www.joannamacy.net/main). Integrating the wisdom of Dr. Macy’s teachings with ORSC, Izumi passionately encourages organizational and community development by promoting the perspective that individuals, organizations, and society are a connected, living entity—a system. Today, Izumi addresses such social issues as SDGs (sustainable development goals) through coaching sessions steeped in her rich experience with relationship systems.


    Because of her father's work, Shiho lived in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as a child and had many opportunities to visit Mumbai, India when she was in high school. Since her college days, she has been interested in different cultures and has been backpacking through South America, Europe, and North America. My favorite place to visit is the Salt Lake Uyuni in Bolivia.

    Her career as a coach began after studying at CTI(CPCC) in 2013. At the time, she was a single mother, and it started as a double job while working for a company. However, as she coached many leaders and executives, she realized that organizational change would not happen if only the coach listened to the true voice of the client.

    She learned in the leadership program offered by CTI that a true leader is someone who can engage and nurture the relationship between themselves and the people around them. From there, she began her ORSC studies.(ORSCC) At the same time, she also got PCC.

    In 2017, she founded her own company "Co-leaders". She works as an external collaborator with executive coaches and systems coaches to help non-profits and remote teams that are working towards agile and teal organizations to become sustainable and self-sustaining.

    She is now remarried, and the wisdom of ORSC was very helpful in building her stepfamily. She also helps families of all kinds, including couples in crisis, stepfamilies, and couples in divorce mediation. Her World Work is “Family System”. She joined the faculty of CRR Global Japan in 2018.


    Experienced as a Medical Information Representative, sales strategy promotion department, and project leader of organization development at a European pharmaceutical company.
    During my 15 years at the company, I realized that relationships within the team/organization, the organizational culture, and the atmosphere had a big impact on business performance. In addition, as I learned about coaching, I became aware of the fact that environmental issues, which I had been interested in since childhood, are the result of my own consciousness. In order to share these experiences and realizations with as many people as possible, especially the next generation, I decided to start my own business, and established Heart of the Earth, Inc.

    The mission of the company is to create an organization where everyone can live freely and energetically, and to create a sustainable society and companies. I am challenging the next generation of managers and organizational managers through various forms of management, including co-management of my own company as well as CRR Global Japan Ltd., as manager of a company.
    In addition, I would like to contribute to society by using my abilities, so I have been working to spread the importance of the relationship system and the concept of ORSC to university students and medical professionals through the activities of the “Mushashugyo Program" and "Medical Communication Flat".


    Mayumi started her career at Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. She has been working at Chugai for more than 30 years.

    At first, Mayumi was engaged in the Sales and Marketing Division.
    In 2006, she was transferred internally to the human resource development department, where she started learning Co-Active Coaching.

    Mayumi was responsible for training employees, coaching managers, and promoting management strategies. In the course of these activities, she began to feel that organizational capabilities were the key to achieving results, more so than developing individual capabilities. Therefore, she began to study ORSC in 2010.

    At the behest of managers, she independently introduced ORSC into the company. Since then, she has coached more than 300 teams. Through these coachings she convinces that the quality of an organization's relationships leads to better team outcomes. This has contributed to the company's achievement that "to create innovative drugs for the benefit of patients”.

    Mayumi is also a parallel career practitioner. She is the first lecturer and general manager of “Facilitation Juku” school, the lecturer at the seminar organized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (2017-19), and the director of the NPO Seven Generations (2014-18).

    Mayumi believes that all life is cyclical and interconnected, and she continues to cross borders to create a world without borders.


    Arata Mitsuhashi serves as a dedicated internal coach in the Human Resources Department of Sansan, Inc., a provider of business card management services for corporations, where he developed the first internal coaching program in the company from scratch as a result of his coaching of over 200 employees. Through the practice of personal coaching and systems coaching, he is currently working on identifying and solving various challenges within the company such as leadership development of the next generation of managers and improvement of team relationships. He is also responsible for designing the company’s internal human resource development system.

    He loves camping. When people build a fire at night in nature and sit by it, often there is a moment they suddenly become aware of something deep within themselves that is usually asleep. He aims to provide coaching in such a manner, helping people have a moment of a realization of their true selves in a natural way.

    He became interested in the coaching field when he read the book, Coaching Bible, the Japanese edition of Co-Active Coaching (Whitworth, et al, 2002), in 2013, which led to starting his coaching training with CTI Japan. He obtained CPCC in 2015 and received the ORSCC credential in 2020.

    Before becoming a coach, his professional career started in a major general human resource service company, and in 2009 he joined Sansan, Inc. as the 29th employee. He engaged in a variety of roles in the early stages of the two companies, such as corporate sales, area manager, corporate development, business administration (including human resources, general affairs, and legal affairs), and information security.

    Publication and Media Coverage:
    He writes a serialized column called “In-house Coaching Start Guide" in HRzine, a web magazine for human resources and management professionals. In 2020, his online coaching was featured in the news section entitled "‘Coaching’ to Support the ‘Loneliness’ of Teleworkers" in NHK News Ohayo Nippon (Good morning Japan).


    Keiko’s background is international. She grew up in Tokyo, London and Vancouver. After working as an organization development consultant for a few years in Japan, she spent 7 years in Hong Kong and London because of her husband’s relocation. While in Hong Kong, she took CPCC (Co-Active Professional Certified Coach) and started her career as a professional coach.

    In the journey of developing her own leadership abroad, she began to have a desire to encourage leadership for Japanese in the international context.

    After returning to Japan in 2017, she deepened her learning as a systems coach and took ORSCC, then joined CRR Global Japan as a faculty in 2018. In 2019, she founded THRIVE Co., Ltd.

    With a focus on leadership, she provides systems coaching to executives and leadership teams of international corporations and non-profit organizations. She has been working with more than 30 organisations, 60 projects and has more than 2000 hours of coaching experience.

    Because of her unique background with lacrosse as a national player and national coach experience both in Japan and Hong Kong, she also supports sports teams as a leadership development coach. In 2019, she worked for Olympic teams and developed the team as General Manager for Japan U19 women’s lacrosse team.

    She is also a mother of 2 children and starting to explore her relationship with nature.


    Yuri has been an active player in the professional coaching field since 2004. She has trained and coached more than 1000 of coaches, leaders, teams and couples globally from various backgrounds, such as corporate executives, start up ventures, NGO leaders, independent professionals, and dream seekers of their own.

    After being a trainer for Coaching Training Institute (CTI) for 8 years, she launched the Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Program in Japan, and collaboratively founded CRR Japan in 2010. Currently she is a global faculty member of CRR Global, developing professional coaches around the world such as in Japan, China, Singapore, South Africa and Australia.

    Yuri facilitates workshops which awaken the potentials within, and empower authentic leadership and aligned relationships both individually and as teams. She brings her extensive coaching experience that enables her to create an alive and enlightening space for learners and clients to transform themselves to the next level.

    Prior to her career in coaching, Yuri worked as a management consultant specializing in market research and leadership development for 13 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Asian Pacific Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, and a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from International Christian University, Japan.

    She is also passionate about bringing her professional experience to the bigger social context. She works deeply with NGOs in Social Sectors such as the one supporting survivor leaders of human trafficking issues in India, and the one educating organic farming and empowering servant leadership for rural leaders in Asia and Africa.


    Shizuka's mission is to support people to express their own unique colors. She established “Blooming Color” in March 2017 to allow possibilities to bloom and give each person the opportunity to express their individuality.

    She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a Certified Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). She completed the Co-Active Training Institute's Leadership Program.
    She studied coma work, a method of communicating with people in comas, to access to a world that supports "living life to the fullest.

    She joined a major human resources service company after graduating from college, gaining experience in corporate sales and secretarial duties alongside the company president. She went on to be responsible for strategic planning in the sales and management planning offices, promoting reform within the company.
    She was appointed as the general manager for human resources coordination and was involved in the management of the sales department.
    In 2006, she joined a human resources organization consulting company where she facilitated various organizational development and leadership development programs including the creation of new departments, organizational diagnosis, organizational culture reform and business training for companies ranging from large corporations to venture companies. She managed in-house management as a leader.
    Using the knowledge provided by ORSC™, she has a wealth of experience in executive coaching for organizational development projects and for individuals.

    In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, attends workshops about spiritual and energy works. She also engages in artistic pursuits such as creating pastel mandalas.


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