A course to learn how to naturally create "experiential learning",
where the magic of the place can be emotionally felt and the learning of the group can be deepened.

Alchemy Course


Course Overview

Alchemy means "magic/mysterious science to convert base metal to gold", and this course will teach you how to naturally create "experiential learning", where the magic of the place can be emotionally felt and the learning of the group can be deepened. The course also includes the training in Co-Facilitation®︎ (Co-Lead), a two-person lead facilitation system.

What you will learn on this course

On this course, you will learn two main things.
The first relates to the tools, skills and attitudes that are useful in all kinds of "two-person (or more)" lead facilitation settings. This includes leading meetings, coaching teams and organizations, and managing and facilitating projects as a pair.

The second is a systematic study of how to structure experiential learning workshops based on adult learning theory. Because experiential learning workshops are a method of co-learning by experiencing creative activities together with participants, they are very different from the traditional ways of training, seminars or school classes, which are based on the conventional premises of teacher/lecturer and student/participant relationships, in how they are created, thought about, designed, constructed and conducted.

At Alchemy course, you will learn how to systematically create experiential learning programs, incorporating the perspective of brain science into the program structure.

The course is also structured to make experiential learning live and easy to understand, with behind-the-scenes tricks and experience of Alchemy itself based on adult learning theory and other ideas.

Who should take this course

This course is open to all. It is particularly recommended if:

  • you are interested in co-facilitation (co-leading) and would like practice
  • you want to learn how to organize an experiential learning workshop
  • you need to lead a team of two or more people in a meeting or project
  • you are considering introducing an experiential learning program into your school education
  • you would like do Systems Coaching® with a co-coach
  • you have attended or are considering attending the ORSC Certification Course.

What you will get from this course

You will learn how to create a dynamic and magical place with the two-person co-leading Relationship System™, which is not possible by merely dividing up roles. Specifically, this course will teach you co-facilitation® skills, how to align the intentions of the two leads, how to design the content, and how to "cast a spell" on the place. For those who have already been co-coaching, this course will give you a completely new approach and equip you to provide coaching that leverages Relationship System™ perspectives.

* Participants who have not yet taken the ORSC®︎ program are also welcome to attend.

Course Length and Fee

  • Length: 3 days
  • Price: 250,000 yen(incl. tax)
  • CCE: 16.5 ICF CCE units

* Please note that this course is currently provided only in Japanese.
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